Feedback and Support

Feedback and Support

For the alpha version we have tried to simplify the process of gathering feedback and suggestions.

We have added buttons at relevant places to collect feedback. Alpha testing should provide feedback when they find a feedback button at the completion of EARN/PROTECT flows.


Please follow the steps given below

  1. Once you have completed the Protect / Earn / Claim / Close / Withdraw flow, you should land on a summary page that has details of the transaction that has just been processed.The above figure is for the protect flow but you should be able to see a Feedback button present at bottom of all summary pages.

When you click on the Feedback button, you will be taken to a google form as shown below where you can provide necessary feedback and suggestions.

PLEASE NOTE: The goal of alpha release is to gather feedback and help us improve this product. Therefore you are requested to PLEASE FILL THE FORM YOU ARE REDIRECTED TO.


We have made sure that you are able to reach out to us during the testing phase. That’s why we have added a specialised Support Button present in the Footer of the Bumper dapp for the purpose of Alpha Testing.

For the alpha version we have tried to simplify the process of bug reporting.

Please follow the steps given below to report bugs.

  1. Go to Note: You might see a slightly different version of the app if you have not connected your wallet to the bumper dapp.

  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to reach the footer.

  3. Please click on the support icon as highlighted in the image below.

  4. You should be able to see an email client popping up on your screen which you can use to write your feedback, suggestions or any assistance that you might need.

Note: If the email client doesn’t open for you, you can just send us an email at support[at]bumper[dot]fi with a subject line “Beta Support”.

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