How do I add my BUMP to Metamask?

To add the BUMP token to your Metamask wallet or to other web3 wallets manually, please follow the instructions below:

METHOD 1. Use the widget to add BUMP tokens to Metamask

1. Open MetaMask on your browser and select the account which holds your BUMP tokens.

2. Go to the widget here:

3. Click on “Add to Metamask”.

4. In the MetaMask Notification, click “Add Token”.

5. You can now view BUMP tokens in MetaMask.

METHOD 2. Add BUMP tokens manually to Metamask

Follow the instructions below to add the BUMP token manually to Metamask

  1. Open Metamask

  2. Click on “Import Tokens”

  3. Click on the “Custom Token” tab

  4. Enter the BUMP token contract address:

    Token Contract Address:0x785c34312dfA6B74F6f1829f79ADe39042222168 Token Symbol: BUMP Decimals of Precision: 18

5. Click on “Add custom token”. You will now see your BUMP tokens in your account.

For wallets other than Metamask, the process is similar. Simply find where you can add custom tokens, and enter the contract address, token symbol and token decimals as given above.

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