Grace & Queue periods

Queue Period

After the Voting Period ends, all the votes are tallied, and should the proposal have reached the threshold for acceptance, then it enters the Queue Period.

The Queue Period is the only state that requires a user action to activate and its 4-day time-frame is counted from the moment the voting ended, not when the user activated the queue period.

For example: Voting ends and a proposal is accepted. A user queues the proposal 2 days later, but it will only now stay in the Queue Period for 2 more days, totalling the allowed 4 days.

Cancelling a Proposal During the Queue Period:

During the queue period, the proposal can be cancelled by any of the following:

  • The creator manually cancels the proposal

  • The creator's BUMP balance drops below the threshold for the proposal creation requirements

  • A successful Abrogation vote passes.

Grace Period

After the Queue period, the Grace period begins, and this defines the time when the proposal becomes executable, allowing any user to call the execute function.

If the proposal is not executed during the Grace Period, it is marked as expired and cannot be executed anymore.

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