Earn - Close a position

When your earn position closes, there are two possible outcomes: 1. Withdraw your tokens

2. Renew your term

This guide deals with the first, closing your earning position and withdrawing your tokens, bond and any earned yields and incentives.

Withdrawing from an earn position

To close your earning position follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the Bumper dApp ensuring your wallet is connected

  • Select the Market where the position exists that you would like to close

  • Find the position in the earning Positions summary and click the ‘Close’ icon

  • In the pop up window you will be shown:

    • the withdrawal amount

    • the estimated yield for the term of the position

    • the trading fee

    • your total estimated payout based on the above

    • the bond amount which will be returned to your wallet.

    • an estimated incentive paid in BUMP tokens for using the protocol.

  • Select ‘CONFIRM’ to open your web wallet and complete the transaction

  • Now approve the transaction in your web3 wallet, and then wait for it to be confirmed on the blockchain

  • Once completed, you’ll see a confirmation of your transaction pop up, and the position will be removed from your dashboard

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