Taker Position Token

struct TakerPosition {
        // amount deposited by taker
        uint256 assetAmount;
        // rate_i
        uint256 riskRating;
        // floor price computed from chosen floor level percentage and current price
        uint256 floorPrice;
        // premium rate; used to compute individual premium at time of exit
        uint256 premiumRate;
        // cumulative premium index at position open, in asset, asset token decimals
        uint256 takerPremiumCIAtStart;
        // amount of BUMP tokens locked(/bonded) for this position
        uint128 bondAmount;
        // amount of bump locked as incentive
        uint128 incentiveAmount;
        // timestamp when position was opened
        uint32 start;
        // duration of the position in days
        uint16 term;

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