Documentation Structure

Welcome to the Bumper documentation!

We've structured these documents to make it easy to find the information you need, whether you're a user, a developer, or just interested in learning more about Bumper. Here's a quick guide to help you navigate:


This section is designed for anyone who wants to understand what Bumper is and why you might want to use it, along with some helpful user guides.

  • About Bumper: Get to know what Bumper is and how it works.

  • Why Use Bumper?: Understand the benefits and reasons for using Bumper.

  • BUMP Token: Understand the utility of the BUMP token.

  • Staking: Discover how to stake BUMP tokens and earn rewards.

  • Guides: Step-by-step guides to get you started with the Bumper protocol.


This section is dedicated to understanding the core mechanics of the Bumper protocol. It includes detailed information about how Bumper works, its economics and token utility, as well as modelling and simulation.

  • How Bumper Works: Dive deep into the operational mechanics of the Bumper protocol.

  • Economics & Token Utility: Understand the economic principles and the utility of the BUMP token within the Bumper ecosystem.

  • Modelling: Learn about the mathematical models that underpin the Bumper protocol.

  • Simulation: Explore simulations that demonstrate the potential outcomes and behaviours of the Bumper protocol under various conditions.


This section is for those who are interested in the governance of the Bumper protocol. It includes information about the DAO, voting power, Bumper Improvement Proposals (BIPs), and user guides.


This section is for developers who want to build new applications using Bumper. It includes an introduction, implementation considerations, architecture, modules, contract implementation, and FAQs.

  • Introduction: Get started with developing on Bumper.

  • Implementation Considerations: Things to consider when integrating Bumper into your application.

  • Architecture: Understand the structure of Bumper's smart contracts.

  • Modules: Learn about the different components of Bumper.

  • Contract Implementation: Detailed information about Bumper's smart contracts.

  • Developer FAQs: Answers to common questions developers have about Bumper.


Information about the security measures in place for Bumper, including Audits.

This section contains legal information, including disclaimers and our privacy policy.

Additional Information

This section includes additional resources such as governance, a glossary, and our whitepaper.

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