To ensure the Bumper Improvement Proposals are adopted with a fair level of support from the rest of the community, there are a number of Quorums which must be reached in order for a proposal to be implemented.

Activation Threshold

Firstly, a minimum amount of 1% of the total supply of BUMP tokens must be locked into the DAO to reach the Activation Threshold before any proposal can be raised. The current Activation Threshold can be viewed by visiting the overview screen on the Bumper DAO.

Create a Proposal

A user must have a total of 1% of the total amount of BUMP delegated to their wallet in order to create a proposal. This means that if the user does not have the required amount of BUMP already staked in the DAO, they need to encourage other users to delegate their vBUMP voting power to them in order to meet the threshold, ideally by discussing the proposal in the Forum.

Minimum Quorum

A minimum of 40% of the total deposited BUMP (not including bonus vBUMP allocated in return for locking staked BUMP) must participate in a vote for it to be considered to have reached a quorum.

Minimum Acceptance

In order for a vote to pass, it requires a supermajority of not less than 67% of all the vBUMP voting power which was cast during the voting period to be in favour.

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