Warmup Period

The Warmup Period begins immediately when the Technical Steering Committee (TSC) approve and upgrade an iBIP to a full Bumper Improvement Proposal, and lasts for a period of 4 days.

During the Warm-up Period users may stake their BUMP tokens to gain additional voting power (vBUMP).

Users must decide which wallet which will use their vBUMP for voting on the proposal. This can either be Manual Voting (using their own vBUMP in their own wallet) or they can delegate their vBUMP to a proxy wallet. Once the Warmup Period ends, any vBUMP which is delegated or undelegated after this time cannot be used to vote on this proposal.

Please note that bonus vBUMP (which is applied for locking staked BUMP for a period of time) cannot be delegated to another user.

In this period, the BIP appears in the Bumper Governance dApp in the ‘pending’ state.

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