Creating a Proposal in the DAO

Initiating a proposal should come after an idea has undergone discussion in the Bumper forum. It is highly recommended that a snapshot vote takes place prior to creating a formal proposal.

This will allow community members to review the proposal, provide feedback and suggestions, and ultimately give an idea of sentiment for whether the proposal will likely be successful.

Once this has taken place, the steps to creating a formal initial proposal (iBIP) are as below:

  1. Visit the DAO dApp and connect your wallet. Select the Proposals tab.

  2. If you have sufficient VBUMP in your wallet (either your own or delegated to you), click the Submit Proposal button.

  3. Enter a proposal name and description of the proposal

  4. Add an action, including a target address

  5. Enter a proxy address (if applicable)

  6. Enter a value (if applicable)

  7. Select a function call, and add relevant attributes (if applicable)

  8. Save the action. You can now add more actions (up to 10) or click Next to move on.

  9. Submit your proposal (gas-free)

Step by step walkthrough:

  1. In the Bumper DAO dApp, make sure your wallet is connected and then select the Proposals tab

  2. You’ll now see a list of any recent proposals, along with a Submit Proposal button.

    Until your wallet contains sufficient vBUMP to meet the creation threshold, this button will be unclickable. This is a great time to go to the community and ask for delegated vBUMP!

  1. You’ll now be asked to fill in the details of the proposal. We’ll take this step by step, starting with the description.

In the Create Proposal screen which pops up, enter a name for the proposal and a concise description of what the proposal relates to.

For example, you might choose “Lower the DAO activation threshold” as the name of the proposal, and have a description which reads something like “Reduce the amount of vBUMP which is required by a user to submit a new proposal to 0.5% of the total supply

  1. Next you need to create an action. An action is effectively outlining what the proposal will do, and contains a number of optional variables you can select.

You can have up to 10 actions per proposal, and each action must specify the target address (ie, the address which will be modified / affected by the action)

  1. Next, determine whether this action is a proxy address or not. If it is, click the slider to YES and enter the address of the proxy.

  1. Next, if your action requires a value attribute, set the relevant slider to YES and enter the value.

  1. Next, decide whether a function call is required in your action. If it does, set the slider to YES and enter the function call.

Now you can enter the details of your function call. Additional parameters may be required, and these will be displayed for each function type.

  1. Once you have filled in all the required details for the action, click Save Action. You will now be able to add another action if you wish (A maximum of 10 actions).

When you’re finished with creating your proposal, click the Next button to proceed to submitting the proposal.

  1. Confirm your wish to submit your proposal. Tick the checkbox and hit Confirm

Note, creating a proposal does not require a gas fee to be paid. This submits the iBIP (Initial Bumper Improvement Proposal) to the TSC (Technical Steering Committee) for approval, and it is the TSC that submits the proposal to the blockchain once approved.

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