Withdrawing liquidity from Bumper's legacy LP program

How to withdraw all or part of your deposit If you’re an existing liquidity provider in Bumper's legacy LP program

Step 1/5

Once you’re in the dApp and have your wallet connected you’ll see a ‘Withdraw‘ button under your existing USDC deposits. Hit this.

Step 2/5

Enter the amount of your deposit you would like to withdraw.

Step 3/5

You’re then presented, during pre-sale only, with the option to purchase some BUMP using your withdrawal. Depending on how much of your deposit you’d like to withdraw, slide the button.

Step 4/5

Check the confirmation screen that the details of your withdrawal are correct. Review our terms and conditions, and agree to those by checking the box.

Hit ‘Confirm’

Step 5/5

You will need to confirm your transaction using whichever wallet provider you have connected. Refer to their respective website for further details.

**In some cases there may be two steps to confirm the transaction. Please check your wallet for these notifications.**

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