Voting on an Abrogation Proposal

There may be times when a proposal has passed a vote successfully, but then some new information comes to light and there is a requirement to prevent it from progressing further. As a result, Bumper’s DAO provides the ability for an abrogation vote to be held, which would stop execution of changes from going ahead.

An abrogation proposal can only be made during the Queue phase (directly after the voting phase takes place) and is initiated by a user clicking on the “Initiate Abrogation Proposal” button inside the proposal details on the dApp.

The community then has until the expiry of the Queue phase to vote to abrogate the proposal, and this must reach a supermajority in order to be agreed.

Here’s how to vote on an abrogation proposal:

  1. Visit the DAO dApp and connect your wallet. Select the Proposals tab.

  2. Locate the abrogated proposal in the list

  3. In the proposal details screen, select View Abrogation Proposal

  4. Cast your vote either For or Against the abrogation proposal

  5. Confirm your vote

  6. Confirm transaction in your web3 wallet

  7. Transaction confirmed! You’ve successfully voted on the abrogation

Step by step walkthrough:

  1. In the Bumper DAO dApp, make sure your wallet is connected and then select the Proposals tab

  2. Find the proposal which has an abrogation vote against it and select to view the details

  3. In the right hand column, click on View Abrogation Proposal

  4. You’ll now be taken to the Abrogation vote screen. On the right hand side, you can choose to vote for or against abrogation.

  5. You can also change your vote on an abrogation proposal by going back in to the main proposal view and clicking either Cancel or Change vote if required.

    6. You’ll be asked to confirm your vote. Tick the checkbox and hit Confirm to continue.

    7. Approve the transaction in your Web3 wallet

    8. Once the transaction has been confirmed on the blockchain, your vote is cast and you will see a summary.

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