Representative Governance (Primary Utility)

Objective: provide a means for owner-users (BUMP token holders) to control the market features and configuration.

Bumper is on a path to a fully decentralised governance model using simple linear representative governance with the BUMP token. A DAO participant’s “voting power” directly relates to how many vBUMP you control.

Staking your BUMP tokens in the DAO contract grants vBUMP at a 1:1 ratio with your BUMP, so if you lock 10,000 tokens, you get 10,000 vBUMP. Users can stake more BUMP at any time, immediately increasing their amount of vBUMP by the same amount.

Once your BUMP tokens are staked, and you've received your vBUMP, you can optionally choose to lock them for up to 1 year. By doing so, you will earn bonus vBUMP on a linear multiplier, whereby a lock-up period for a full year grants the maximum 2x multiplier.

The bonus vBUMP granted when you lock your staked BUMP reduces on a fixed linear decay curve over the timeframe of your chosen lock, and at that point, your BUMP tokens are unlocked and your voting power is restored to the initial 1:1 ratio.

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