Delegating vBUMP

  1. Visit the DAO dApp and connect your wallet. Select the Voting Wallet & Rewards tab.

  2. Click the Delegate button in the Wallet tab

  3. In the delegation screen, select Delegate Voting and enter the wallet address to which you wish to delegate your vBUMP

  4. Confirm you wish to delegate your vBUMP

  5. Approve the transaction in your web3 wallet

  6. Transaction confirmed! You’ve delegated your vBUMP to another wallet.

Step by step walkthrough:

  1. In the Bumper DAO dApp, make sure your wallet is connected and then select Voting Wallet & Rewards.

  2. Click on the Delegate tab in the Wallet tab below, and then click the Change Delegation button.

  3. You’ll now see the Deletation screen. Click on the ‘Delegate Voting’ selector.

    In the ‘Delegation Address’ box, enter the wallet address you want to delegate your vBUMP to, then click Next.

  4. On the confirmation page, click the checkbox then hit Confirm.

  1. Approve the transaction in your Web3 wallet

  1. Once the transaction has been confirmed on the blockchain, your vBUMP has been delegated to the chosen wallet.

Please note: You can only delegate your vBUMP to one wallet at a time. In order to delegate to another wallet, you will need to switch to manual voting, and then re-delegate to the new wallet address.

If you have your vBUMP delegated after the start of a voting period on a specific proposal, you will not be able to vote on this proposal if you undelegate your vBUMP.

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