How to buy BUMP on Uniswap

BUMP is available on the world’s biggest decentralised crypto exchange, Uniswap.

1. Open the Uniswap App

Whether you browse the internet through your computer or mobile, the first step to buying the BUMP token is to open the Uniswap app.

Uniswap is fully decentralised, meaning there are no KYC requirements on the exchange, so you don't have to spend time verifying your identity or uploading pictures of your government issued ID documents.

You can access the app from the Uniswap website by clicking the Launch App button on the navigation bar at the top, or just go straight there using

2. Connect a Wallet

Connecting your wallet is very simple.

When you first land on the Uniswap app, you will need to connect your wallet. Just click the button in the top right corner as shown above.

In the examples below, we will use the MetaMask wallet.

3. Select the BUMP Token

Once your wallet is connected, you need to pick your swapping pair. The top box is the token you are swapping from, and the bottom is the token you are swapping to. In this case, we obviously want to exchange ETH into BUMP.

Click on the red field labelled "Select a token" and browse until you find the BUMP token.

If you don’t find it, you will need to enter the contract address in the ‘search name or paste address’ bar. The BUMP contract address is:


Note: There is a token called BabyPumpkin Finance which also has the ticker symbol $BUMP. This token has nothing to do with Bumper and it is a scam coin on the Binance Smart Chain. For your safety, always check you have the correct token, and the best way to do this is by inputting the contract address above.

Once you have entered the contract address, or found the BUMP token, click on it to add it to the Uniswap app.

The Uniswap app should now show the token you are swapping from (top box), and the BUMP token (bottom box).

4. Select Swap Amount

Next, choose the amount you want to trade.

You can select the amount to exchange as either the amount of ETH you wish to spend (or whichever asset you are swapping from) or the number of BUMP tokens you wish to receive. Make sure you have a little additional ETH in your wallet (to pay for gas and network fees).

Note: You can see the settings icon in the top right corner. Click it, and you can see details about your transaction—slippage tolerance, transaction time deadline, and interface settings that provide even more options. If you are an expert, then we don't have to explain more; you surely know what you're doing, but if you're not an expert, keep these as they are because Uniswap is designed to execute at the best price.

5. Click the Swap Button

When you have everything ready, click on the swap button.

A pop-up will ask you to confirm your trade, and shows the price impact (slippage) and the estimated network fee.

If you’re happy to proceed, click Confirm Swap, and wait for the transaction to complete. You may also be prompted by your wallet to confirm the transaction, and if this happens you must do this or your transaction will eventually time out and fail.

After the transaction has completed, the balance for both tokens will be updated in your wallet. It can take from a few seconds to a few minutes for the transaction to be confirmed, depending on the network congestion at the time you initiated the transaction.

About Uniswap

Uniswap is one of the world’s most popular and most commonly used decentralised exchange offices.

Uniswap is an Automated Market Maker (AMM), which allows users to trade all ERC-20 tokens. Instead of standard order-book-based trading, the platform uses liquidity pools and liquidity providers, and everyone can add their assets to the pool earning a percent of every exchange.

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