Taker liquidations

In the decentralised finance world, liquidations are a known phenomenon, and they can occur in most DeFi protocols under certain conditions. Whilst Taker liquidations in the Bumper protocol are extremely rare, they can occur when the Taker’s position remains in an expired state for an extended period of time without withdrawing (claiming or closing) from the protocol. This renders the Taker liable for an expired position penalty, which continues to accrue until they withdraw. Should the premiums and fees equal or exceed the value of the assets locked into a discreet position, a user may call the function to liquidate the Taker's position. In these cases, any Bonded BUMP tokens, including incentives that may have been due to the Taker are retained by the liquidator. *Note: A Taker liquidation is not as a result of the protocol being incapable of protecting their position but as a direct result of premiums, over time, exceeding the initial deposit amount.

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