Claiming vested BUMP tokens

The below guide shows how to claim your vested tokens. Please note, this section refers to the Bumper legacy dApp and early LP vesting.

Step 1/7

Head over to Bumper's legacy dApp and connect your wallet with the address submitted to Bumper. Please note this wallet needs to have some ETH balance otherwise the transaction will fail.

Step 2/7

Jump to the BUMP card under the Balances section where you will be able to see your existing BUMP token balance along with necessary vesting details.

Step 3/7

Unvested tokens are converted to vested/claimable tokens once a slot period has elapsed. Slots each cover 1 week. This conversion will occur each week with the number of vested tokens accumulating until they are all claimed. You can then click on the Claim button.

Step 4/7

On clicking the Claim button you will be directed to the Confirmation page.

Step 5/7

You will then need to accept the terms and conditions and click on the Confirm Button.

Step 6/7

Once you click the Confirm button, you will be directed to the loading page and see a pop-up in your Metamask wallet (or follow the instructions if you use a different wallet) to confirm the transaction.

Step 7/7

Once the transaction is confirmed and processed you’ll be directed to the Dashboard where you will be able to see your claimed tokens.

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