Abrogation proposals are a special type of proposal which can be created only during the Queue Period and effectively nullify any BIP which has been successful but which has not yet been activated. Abrogation proposals are on-chain actions and thus require the proposer to pay gas fees. A regular proposal can only have one associated abrogation proposal at any given time, and anyone can vote on the abrogation proposals. When the abrogation proposal starts, a new snapshot for voter balances is taken.

An Abrogation proposal may be submitted at any point during the Queue Period, and must be accepted during this time. An abrogation proposal requires more vBUMP to pass than 50% of the total BUMP staked into the Governance contract.

When a user attempts to execute a BIP which has passed, a check is done to see if there is an accepted Abrogation proposal. If so, the execution will fail, and the BIP is effectively cancelled.

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